Thursday, 23 August 2012

Diamonds are Forever

I decided for my next yarnbomb I wanted to do something topical, so with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee looming I went for a crown with 6 crocheted diamonds on it and the words 60 Years. Like So...

I also wanted to place it somewhere that tied in with the theme and remembered that our local park had a flowerbed near it's entrance with a plaque on it that reads "Queen's Drive" Perfect. 
Now just to find a way to get it high enough to prevent theft for a little longer....

This is where my Husband made his most amazing contribution to date-he lifted me on his shoulders so I could crochet it in place, what a Hero!
Worth it though, it's still there even though it has now gone a bit floppy.
I also saw signs of attempted theft but it's just out of arm's reach teehee.
I stayed up all night working on this (not a big deal, I a a total night-owl anyway) and on my way home from Lydia's at 5am we sneaked it up undetetected.

All this time Lydia and I were still formulating the plan for what would be our biggest yarnbomb yet, inspired by Shauna Richardson's patriotic triple lion sculpture.....

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