Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Ok, so I haven't had much time for yarnbombing recently, and I don't know if covering your own bike saddle technically counts but I'd like to think so.
It will bring a touch of colour to the streets as I cycle around anyway, so I'm gonna call it my BumBomb
This eventuated through the fact that I recently discovered the joy of pattern testing.
Having not touched a pattern with a barge pole for a long time I decided to have a go at pattern testing through a team on Etsy, so that I would know what I was asking of people when i write patterns and want them tested.
I immediately found a totally amazing mandala pattern for lovely Susan of  felted button which she wanted tested and it was so gorgeous I just couldn't wait to hook it up in my favourite colours.
Well I was really impressed with it (the pattern AND my interpretation of it) and after wondering what to do with it for a little while I found that with a little tinkering around the edges and the addition of some ties it fitted my bike seat PERFECTLY!

I'm absolutely over the moon with it, because not only is it comfy and fabulous-looking,
if I fall off my bike again (OUCH!!!) I won't graze the saddle this time :D

If you want to try the pattern yourself you'll find it in Susan's Etsy shop, and very reasonably priced
just go right here: fabulous mandala crochet pattern 
She made hers in about ten colours and it's beautiful-the pattern also includes instructions to make it into a stool cover but don't be afraid to think outside the box like I did,
once you've made the mandala part the world's your oyster baby