Thursday, 23 August 2012

Welcome to the diary of a YarnBomber

Hi Everybody and welcome

I have decided it's time to share my YarnBombing exploits and the creative processes behind them. 

It's ridiculously good fun to make silly things from yarn and then attach them to trees, lampposts, etc and I hope you feel inspired to 'terrorise' your own neighbourhood with lots of yarny goodness!

I strongly recommend engaging a partner-in-yarn if you can find one
Lydia is mine and it wouldn't be half as much fun without her-in fact I can't imagine how different this adventure would be without our joint crocheting sessions and stealth 'bombing' expeditions. So I wont

I also hgive HUGE thanks my husband for his supportive role-
Literally VERY supportive-he has even lifted me on his shoulders so i could reach to apply the jubilee yarnbomb!

I have to say this was the perfect year to be in the UK and subsequently discover Guerrilla Crochet, what with the Queen's Jubilee, Olympics/Paralympics, The End of the World.

So much opportunity to commemorate these momentous events with silliness/yarn. Just for the fun of it :)

It was actually the Olympics that really got me interested in Yarnbombing-after seeing 'Crochetdermist' Shauna Richardson's AMAZING Lions, which were created as part of the cultural olympiad I was hugely inspired to start crocheting artistic installations-albeit on a *slightly* smaller scale to start with

Here she is with them-what a SUPERSTAR! 
Shauna We salute you

I decided to get involved through the guerrilla section on the lionheart website:

And an obsession was born. Well, rather my obsession evolved hahaha.

You see, I am already way gone with my crocheting obsession. 
As if it wasn't time-consuming enough having a billion ideas a day for things I could crochet, people say things to me like:

"if you crochet me a bikini in flesh colour with big nips on it I promise I will wear it next time we have a hot-tub party"

How am I supposed to resist a challenge like that?!

But anyway-I intend for this blog to be mostly about YarnBombing with other crocheting tips, free patterns and inspiration thrown in.

Oh yes and probably some Chickens (maybe Goats too).

Here's a link to my Etsy Shop which is full of unique crocheted items, 
all designed and lovingly handcrafted by me

You can follow me on twitter  @mrsberploudest- I always tweet my yarnbombs

you can also see mine and Lydia's first olympic yarnbomb on the lionheart website above,
we are in the process of creating another one right now which will also be posted there once we have installed it


  1. Heisann! Good luck- I'll be your norwegian fan-club!

  2. Yay! Velkommen Min fantastisk venn x

  3. I look forward to seeing all your future crazy installations that will be bombing people with a bit of fun and laughter.

  4. heehee, thanks Liz-celebratory Olympic medal tally bomb coming soon :)