Monday, 3 September 2012

Three Lions on Some Posts-Olympic Yarnbombings part 1

Our next bomb was initially just going to be three lions, again topically placed-we have a passageway in our town called lion passage which just happens to have three bollards in it-handy.
But as the olympics approached we found ourselves getting more and more revved up about it, especially when we saw this absolutely mammoth acheivement:

Here's a link to some close-ups of the different sports: 

How absolutely fantastic! I wonder how many people took part and how long it took to create. 
HUGE respect to it's creators

With just the two of us we didn't think we would be managing anything that immense but we were certainly inspired by it!
So we decided to make flags with olympic rings, London 2012 and 'go team GB' and I even crocheted a Union Jack flag (never again!). 
The day before we were to install it I also thought of making a gold, silver and bronze medal to add to each bollard.

I printed off the tags available at
and laminated them with a cheap photo laminating kit from the pound shop-no special machinery required, just peel and stick, punch a hole and attach.

So here is what happened:

Installed at around 10.30pm and again (amazingly) not detected at all!
by 9.30 the next morning:

So sad :( 
We knew it was going to get stolen but to not even make it 12 hours was very disheartening. 

We thought about re-doing the two lions that had been stolen (typically the ones we had attached the lionheart tags to) but couldn't face the thought of doing all that work again only for it to be stolen so quickly and decided it would be better to do another one after the olympics, celebrating our successes. 
This was partly inspired by the medals I had made-I thought it might be fun to make every medal we won and put them on a big long thread, like bunting. 

Also, by the following lunchtime this is how the bomb-site looked:
 So I was very glad not to have put any more energy into it!

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