Thursday, 23 August 2012

My First Yarnbomb

When I discovered Yarnbombing I was in the middle of making a coffee-cozy for my Etsy shop, inspired by the greenness of some yarn I had. This was mid May.  
It occurred to me that a coffee cup was about the same size as a lamp-post so I repurposed it...
Onto a lamp-post in an alley that runs behind our house, so i had the added bonus of being able to hear what people were saying about my work from behind a high brick wall :)

This definitely inspired me to do more as people were so pleasantly surprised-we heard lots of
'Oh Wow! Look at that!"   
Groups of people could be heard musing and debating over who would do all that hard work and then just sew it to a lamp-post in an alley and why?
Weird people who would rather make strangers smile than make money, that's who!
and, make you smile :)

Someone has even written underneath it "this is fred :)"
I think he lasted about a week before he was stolen, which was fine by me; I had read on other Yarnbombing blogs that they don't often last long. 
Some jobsworths actually remove them on behalf of their city councils and such because they are technically graffiti!  Boooooo

I actually wasn't upset at all about his disappearance-it had been such a confidence booster to hear nothing but positive comments on it-I had thought people might say it was stupid or not very good or whatever.
I was just a bit sad that I wouldn't be able to hear people's reactions to the next one!

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