Thursday, 13 September 2012


WOW!!! I can't believe it. Our BandStand yarnbomb is still there and commanding MASSIVE respect from the general public! To be honest, after the rapid thievery of the Lion Passage installation we weren't convinced that this one would last very long as we had placed it within easy reach. So imagine our amazement upon returning to amend it on Monday night with our paralympic medal tally and finding that the medal bunting had snapped..... and somebody had climbed up and tied it back up! Our faith in humanity is restored :) I am SOOOOOOOO glad we weren't discouraged by the total lack of respect for our previous bomb-and I feel so inspired by the paralympic athletes, they clearly don't let little setbacks put them off so why should we?! Anyway, here is the amendment we made to reflect our ENORMOUS respect for Paralympics GB-we had thought we would do the same as we did for the olympic athletes and replicate all the medals we won, but the initial 65 we did for the olympians had used up nearly all our gold, silver and bronze yarn. So when our paralympians won 120(!!!) medals we had to think again.

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